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Mobile App Development
Problem-Focused Design

We help align your vision with the problem that currently exists in the market. A critical mistake many founders make is falling in love with their products instead of the problem. We are here to ensure that doesn’t happen. Whether you have a simple idea or an extremely complex one, our team at TamadTech can handle it.


Build Mobile Apps in React Native

It’s not every day that a framework comes around which has as much impact as React Native. This programming framework allows developers to have one core codebase and bridge this natively to both iOS and Android. This means you can build an iPhone app and Android app in record time without compromising on performance like you would with old hybrid frameworks.


Native App Development using Swift & Kotlin

Have an older app that you have already built with a truly native programming language? If so our team of developers has built countless apps in Swift and Kotlin if you want to use full native technologies. These apps truly have the best experience on native devices especially if you are looking to build a mobile app with more complexity that uses the device’s features like GPS, push notifications, or the accelerometer.


Much like a magazine, Knitrino publishs new patterns from indie designers that are available exclusively through the Knitrino mobile app. We heard repeatedly that knitters had difficulty find high quality designs when searching through millions of patterns. Every Knitrino pattern, collection, and yarn is thoughtfully selected for you.

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The RAINN app gives survivors of sexual violence and their loved ones access to support, self-care tools, and information to help manage the short- and long-term effects of sexual violence. Weither you are looking to connect to the hotline via a phone call or chat support we are RAINN is here for you.



Let's start off with what we're not. We're not a review site, a search engine, or an advanced booking travel app. We are an unbiased itinerary generator that fives local businesses, no matter what size or how well known, an equal chance of appearing on a user's itinerary. Rallie is focused on empowering businesses through real-time content, and giving you (the user) a new, spontaneous, and fun way to fill your day!



Poker preflop charts from for Online, Live & MTT games.These charts show you the best statistical move to make in Texas Holdem poker before the flop in Online, Live, and MTT (Multi-Table Tournament) games.



Kala is a tablet based application for a mobile based meditation company. We focused on clean and simple UI/UX for a great experience for users when trying the meditation experience.



Quickly see thousands of local drink specials, food specials, happy hours, and live music all at your fingertips. Each icon represents a bar or restaurant that you can click to see a quick overview of current specials or dive into their full profile to see reviews and photos from other Loople users. Filter your city for "Drink Specials," “Food Specials,” “Live Music,” “Outdoor Seating," and many other options so you always find the best options closest to you. Find exactly what you are looking for every time with Loople.

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SendMe is a mobile platform where Missionaries can take advantage of the most cutting edge Round-Up technology in order to raise support, communicate with their sponsors, make monthly financial goals. Create reoccurring or one-time donations to your favorite missionary to help support their cause.

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